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Automotive Bearings

Automotive bearings are an important basic component of a car. Its accuracy, performance, longevity and reliability play a decisive role in the performance, life and reliability of the car. The automotive bearings Jiebang Trade provided including ‚Äčuniversal joint bearings for automotive and wheel hub bearings for automotive. Jiebang Trade: Professional automotive bearings manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing high quality products with low price. If you're going to buy bulk cheap automotive bearings, welcome to get price list from our factory.
The main function of the hub is to load and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub. It is both an axial load and a radial load and is a very important component. Our automotive bearings combine standard angular contact ball bearings with tapered roller bearings. They have good assembly performance, can be omitted for adjustment, light weight, compact structure, large load capacity, and can be pre-loaded with grease for sealed bearings. It has been widely used in cars for omitting the advantages of external hub seals and maintenance-free maintenance. It is also gradually expanding its application in trucks.
Automotive bearings are very important parts of automobiles. If the maintenance is not good, failure will not only cause economic losses, but also disassembly and assembly is quite troublesome and requires a lot of man-hours. Therefore, reasonable maintenance should also be carried out during use, which is of great significance for prolonging the life of the separation bearing, improving labor productivity and achieving better economic benefits.
1. Keep the damper rotating with the wheel while keeping the vehicle turning, so that it maintains the flexibility of steering.
2. Automotive bearings can maintain the soft connection between the body and the damper, reducing the vibration when the road is uneven.
3. Support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy.
4. The soft connection between the body and the damper can be maintained to prevent the vibration from being transmitted to the vehicle body through the damper due to the uneven road surface when the vehicle is running.
In order to fully utilize the bearings and maintain automotive bearings' proper performance for a long time, regular maintenance must be carried out.
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